Automatic ChangeOver


Features of an Automatic Change Over Switch:

  • Instant automatic change over from the main supply to the generator supply and vice versa.
  • Genset is put off automatically when main power resumes.
  • It can operate in low voltage.
  • Fuel is saved due to auto stop facility.
  • Tamper resistance
  • Sturdiness
  • Long service life


We offer a wide range of Automatic Changeover Switches. From Single Phase Changeover, Three Phase Changeover and Automatic phase-changer. Furthermore Automatic change-overs finds wide application in industries as well as in domestic sphere for use in low voltage distribution circuits, wherever continuity of supply is necessary, for switching to an alternate source of supply from main supply and vise-verse.

The cost of an Automatic Change Over Switch varies with the size of the generator or power-load in Kva.

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